Zero-Emission Transport is here

Contaynor is committed to offer city distribution and last mile delivery in the most sustainable way for our planet and direct environment. To live up to our Zero-Emission objective, Contaynor operates a fleet of only electric vehicles and plants a tree per transportation assignment.

City distribution

Beverage Delivery

We all know that pain of going to the shop and having to carry those heavy bottles, right? At Contaynor beverages, we gladly provide that service for you. Just place your order, and we'll delivery it right to your doorstep with our electric fleet.

City distribution

Home delivery

Does your business provide customized home delivery? Contaynor can deliver any type of goods to your end-customer, be it refrigerated or not. Just let us know what your specific needs are. Our fleet of large electric vans can deliver your customized and precious goods door-to-door in the most sustainable and caring manner.

Avenue de Tervurenlaan 36/18, 1040 Brussels

Tel: +32 495 920895